December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend – Nov 25_30, 2008

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New York Harbor

WTC Cross – St. Paul’s chapel

Woolworth Building

Supreme Court Building


Crack Vial – Manhattan Bridge

After snapping the photo below, I looked into the origins and found the following tidbit on gowanuslounge.com:

It used to be a notorious Italian mob hangout, now it’s just studios. The owner, she still pays a $50 yearly “illuminated sign” tax for having the old fixture up… One side says cocktail lounge, the other side says Italian Cuisine. The mob in Brookyn? Hanging out in Carroll Gardens and Gowanus? Dear God, say it ain’t so. Repeat after us: There is no mafia. There is no mafia. There is no mafia. But, for those who believe there is, and have dined at Red Bamboo in Fort Greene…that was another “notorious” mob hangout back in the day. Also, we think that sign should be landmarked. It has always brought us joy.

Workers unearthed a mass grave of revolutionary war soldiers from Washington’s army while doing construction


Subway pillar – Layers of paint 




McSorley’s Old Ale House

Met Life Clock Tower – Flatiron District

Uncle Art and Uncle John engaging in serious guy science


Tryptophan overdose

My great-great grandfather, a fine Movember rep!

Mom and George

Lola, grandma’s runt poodle


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