January 22, 2009

Ancient Photos V – 2005

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Bryant Park. Midtown

Series from Baltimore

Preston St

The Belvedere Hotel

Basement of abandoned factory

Old Advertisement

Westminster Hall and burying ground. Established 1786

You take away the sins of the world, grant us peace…

Spiderweb macro – entrance to the catacombs

Drainage ditch

Hourglass Angel

Pidgeon Man

Old garbage chute


Bromo Seltzer Clock Tower

Fire Pole


Vic’s place in Astoria

Sunday Morning

Empire State Building

Subway Ad. Forest Hills, Queens

Brick Cafe, Astoria, NY

The Kondratas brothers

Mom’s fro

My grandfather dropped a knife on his foot then tried to wrap tape around the gash. Not a good idea…


Me and Zeus on the beach during hurricane Ophelia

Smoke Bomb


Rooftop party, Midtown East

Mom’s Garden

28th St

Pops’ pool

The beast

Northport, LI, NY

Camping near biscuit creek, Catskill Mountains, NY

Rhinebeck, NY


Union Square Park

Flushing, Queens


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