February 23, 2009

Florida_Cobble Hill Tunnel – Feb 18_22, 2009

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Grand Army Plaza

Little blue heron

Palm’s reflection in pool



Man playing bocce

Turkey Vulture


Endangered loggerhead sea turtle

Where the sidewalk ends





Ghost shot with my sister and brother

Beachfront – Boca Raton, Fl

My brother and father

Hasidic Jews praying before the sunrise

Sunrise – Boca Raton, Fl. One of the most spectacular displays of nature’s beauty I’ve ever seen


Prayer after sunrise

Dancing and Singing

Say Uncle

Strong Wind

West Palm Beach

Ground smoke enveloping a cloud

Meanwhile, back in Brooklyn…

Savings bank is now a Trader Joe’s

Entrance to the old Cobble Hill tunnel (oldest subway tunnel in the world – built in 1844). Above right you can see a hole that the FBI punched in during WWI looking for alleged stockpiles of German mustard gas.


Bob Diamond – the man who re-discovered the tunnel in 1981

Vents in the ceiling let smoke from the locomotives out of the tunnel. Notice the black soot still clinging to the brick..

Grooves were still present from where the track timbers had been paid 175 years ago

Large portions of displaced brick from break ins by bootleggers back in the day

The ceiling was originally painted white, you can still see some patches present

End of the line (under Henry st). Supposedly, there is an old steam locomotive laying on it’s side behind the wall. Bob will use the money he makes on the tour to fund the excavation.

Looking towards entrance at the end of the tunnel

Closeup of brickwork


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