March 19, 2009

Misc NYC_Savannah, GA – March 12_18, 2009

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Flatbush Ave

Uneeda Biscuit Ad

Jay St


Pig’s head at the base of the Manhattan Bridge

Workers – Canal St

Cool Hand Mike


New Construction – Nassau St


Crumbling Pier – DUMBO

Manhattan Bridge Stencils

Williamsburg Bridge

East River Sailboat

Top of the Brooklyn Bridge

Old Smokestack

Rooftop Print

Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn, NY

Evans St.

Hidden Mansion on Little St.

Water St

Jungle apartment


Admiral’s Row – Brooklyn Navy Yard

Mom’s Hair

This woman was flailing as she was walking




Cornice – Litchfield Villa, Prospect Park

Creepy Dolls

My little Babushka

Sunrise over Flushing Bay



Old Railroad Trestle on River St.


The Bachelor


Yamacraw Village

Abandoned warehouse I found after scaling a few fences. I haven’t found anything online that indicates what it was used for, but a few locals said it used to house steam locomotives


Exposures from inside the warehouse

Carney Corner

Calm before the storm

East Lower Factors Walk

Block of meat used for Philly Cheese Steaks… yum

Turkey Legs

Talmadge Memorial Cable-Stayed Bridge 

Excitable Kid

Rip Van Winkle

King of the parade

I.R.A. Member

Budweiser Clydesdales

Bud dalmation after getting high on his own supply

Fat Piper

Homemade taffy


Old ad in one of the alleys

This woman could barely walk

Balcony view

Looking down onto River St.

This guy was pulling a Michael Jackson, dangling his kid over the roof’s ledge. He gets the ‘father of the year’ award…

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