June 1, 2009

Old First_Misc Brooklyn – May 29_31, 2009



Flushing’s finest

F Train

Red Fish Smoking

After helping out with some spring cleaning, Rev. Meeter allowed me to scope out Old First from basement to belfry. For more details, check out the website – http://www.oldfirstbrooklyn.org/aboutof.html 

We begin in the catacombs and work our way up…

Looking up into the main sanctuary

Translation needed



Light passing from the grate above

Poor guy fell down a shaft in the boiler room


The walls are being repainted with the original brown color scheme used in 1891

Ceiling vent in Rev. Meeter’s study

The church’s tattered flag used in Brooklyn parades years ago now collects dust in a room above the main sanctuary

Entering the upper reaches of the church

Winch used to raise the main chandelier

Long Beam

The rounded top of the main sanctuary can be seen below

The rafters below are about 30 ft down

Looking into the belfry

The bell – Made in Troy, NY in 1871

Looking up to the top of the spire. The metal bar (lower in the picture’s center) was as high as you could climb.

To get to the pinnacle of Old First’s spire, one has to climb up numerous sets of rusty old ladders. After 20 feet, a section of ladder and you cross over to another section across unstable wooden platforms. It was a fun climb!

Looking Southwest from the belfry

View from above




This organ was built by the Roosevelt (As in Franklin Delano & Co.) family in the early 1900’s. It is the last remaining one in use. Despite having a few of it’s larger 32 ft pipes stolen back in the 70’s, it remains largely intact. The wind pressure comes from a pump in the basement. It’s so strong that it bowed a whole section of brick and plaster on the first floor of the main sanctuary.

Stoop Sale


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