August 3, 2009

Misc NYC_Nostalgia Train Ride – August 1_2, 2009

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7th Ave



Chlorinated Flow









Melted Glory


Crane – Gowanus









Grand St.



Market ready


La vita è bella



Playground – LES Projects




To be blunt…



Wrong end of a fist fight – Alphabet City


In all my years of exploring Manhattan Island, I’ve never seen an address like this…


Bubble Chandelier




Tucked in for the night


Supreme Court Passageway


City Hall station entrance


One down, 64 million to go…


Downtown Brooklyn


Knowledge Bin



’57 Chevy – Contained the first small-block V-8 engine in any model since 1918


1940 DeSoto Deluxe Sedan









Scaffolding corridor


A rat jumped out of the bricks and scared me as I took this one, hence the blur


On an abandoned building down by the waterfront, someone had written dates all over the place. Not sure what his/her connection was to the building, there certainly wasn’t any rhyme or reason to the date ranges…


…that’s why I love you


Looking NW down Furman St.


Joralemon St.


Strolling down Garden Pl., Brooklyn Heights


Dumpster Bed


Billboard Art


Before the NYC Transit Authority, there was the Metropolitan Transit Authority


Bitch Bakes looking at home on this wonderfully restored R-10



The double F was twice as slow as the regular F


Stand Clear






Old Subway Ad



The best part of the trip is watching people’s reactions as you roll through the stations. They ranged from anger *why isn’t this train stopping??* to bewilderment *What ridiculous plan is the MTA concocting now??*


Our train, the R-1, made in 1931. It actually ran passengers until the early 1970’s!



Get your sockets here!


Signal Light



After dropping into a taqueria on the UWS, I noticed this on a wall near the register. The woman still remembered what she ordered, a veggie burrito with extra guacamole…


Morrison, stripped




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