Berkshire Mountains_Misc NYC – November 12_22, 2009






Sunny Slope



New Montefiore cemetery – Pinelawn, LI, NY





Pinelawn Veterans Cemetery – Pinelawn, LI, NY



Fulton St. Station – Ft. Greene, Brooklyn







Dr. Robert Pace







Ghost shots




At some point during the night, a chipmunk made quick work of the TP


Through the trees


A camper’s savior is birch bark. It’s waterproof, so starting a fire with it is easy. With wet conditions prevailing, there were many that had been stripped of their precious skin…


Autumn stream


Old Greenie




Lonely Birch










Along the AT




Bog Trail





Old family cemetery on the CT/MA border






The Winsted Diner, Winsted, Ct. This old railroad diner has been around since 1932. It was our first meal after getting out of the woods and it definitly didn’t disappoint.



M-LAB @ Mercury Lounge




The Vanguard @ Crash Mansion





Long Night


Moment of Impact

Toad Hall – SoHo, NY


Graffic Art – Wooster St, SoHo








Canal St. Station


These wild turkeys were just hanging out at a gas station on LI. They were one spill and cigarette flick away from becoming thanksgiving dinner…


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