December 7, 2009

Misc NYC; Kennebunkport – December 3_6, 2009

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Morning View on the B train

Stalliti – Barrow Street Ale House

Newspaper Stand, W 3rd St – When I went to take his picture, he pursed his lips… gotta love the Village

W 4th St

My boy

Sonrisa Chiquíta

1964 World’s Fair Observatory Towers – Better known as the ‘space ships’ in the film Men In Black

Artwork – Flushing, Queens

Missed the bus

Lefrak City, Queens

The Kosciusko Bridge links LIC (Queens) to Greenpoint (Brooklyn)

LIE Service Rd – LIC, Queens


QB Vortex

E 53rd St.

NYC Sill

Kennebunkport, Maine

Bayside I

Which Way is Which??

White Schoolhouse – 1801

Bayside II

Seascape at night

Fort Cragg

Lawbstah Bawxes

Out to sea

Cape Porpoise Lighthouse

Lawn Ornaments

Maine Sill

Knott House Series – Built in 1790

Honorable discharge papers for one of the Notts – Signed by Lincoln and Ed Stanton (who was at Lincoln’s side when he died).

Through stained glass

Both children of Mrs. Knott died young. Their toys were put in the attic until museum curators dug them out in 1983. They laid them out and had nursery rhymes playing in the background, to say it was creepy is an understatement…

Dead Clock – Main St, Saco Island


Currently Moving



Old Man Winter I

Old Man Winter II

Nesting Area



Beach hooligans

In Flight

Ocean Curve


Taking Elmer for a stroll…


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