April 17, 2012

Remnants of Katrina

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Even on the main drag of Canal Street, one could notice all of the closed businesses and boarded-up or broken windows. Huge lots of empty space lined the highway where malls had once been. After Katrina hit, many people had enough of living in a danger zone. They left and never came back.


Taken back





The 7th Ward looked like a DMZ. Almost half of the houses seemed vacant. It was incredible to see that over six years after this storm its devastation was still everpresent


Everywhere you went, there were houses with green roofs. Eventually these places will be condemned and torn down… 


Faulty towers


Remnants of an abandoned library




As the people go…




Every morning on the local news, you’d hear about another homicide in one of the wards


There were gaping holes in the landscape where rows of houses had been. It was interesting to see nature still taking back the land, almost as if it couldn’t let go..




Lone Wolf




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