Portland / Nehalem Bay, OR – July 12_14, 2012

Mt. Hood on the approach to Portland



Apparently, I was there during a rare period of good weather. It rains constantly for the majority of the year. You heard calls to “enjoy the sunshine” everywhere


The Relic


Looking North

Window shopping

2 birds


Methadone clinic


One of many bridges connecting downtown to the East

Barrin’ Hills

Morning light


Homeless were everywhere. After the police cracked down on meth abuse in the late 90′s, heroin started flooding the market. One of the locals told me that over 3/4 of the homeless are addicts.

The Rose City

These bubblers were everywhere







Heavy metal


Well preserved



Caught napping

Caught shooting


New greets old

Dude seemed upset that the guy gave him only change


Tillamook State Forest


The freshest clams I’ve ever had

The tracks went all the way north and followed the 101

Gull Rules

Shack with a view

When you were done with your clams, oysters or crab, you just threw the shells back to where they came from


The biggest beach I’ve ever seen



You needed to watch yourself whilst wading in the frigid surf, sea wasps were always creeping

The most patient dog I’ve ever seen. He would lay until his master threw the frisbee.. and never missed a catch.


Broken Pines

The cove







People on the beach let these fire lanterns go. They flew in the air for quite some time before going out. It totally added to the surreal moonscape of the beach.

Local Catter

Goonie rocks outside Garibaldi


2 thoughts on “Portland / Nehalem Bay, OR – July 12_14, 2012

  1. 4 states left to see (after Aug. roadtrip). Oregon looks like it will be a particularly memorable visit. Ma

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