August 10, 2012

Ghosts of the Midwest – August 4_5, 2012

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Trusty companions

Time Out

Abandoned House – Montana


Old Mormon outpost – Grand Teton National Park

Drink Up



Bison Jaw




Flat our of Time




Generally Electric



Wide range

You learn something new every day

This was on one of the bedroom doors

This was in the crawl space, it was the only place I had a bad feeling that something was watching us

Someone punched the wall at some point



Fancy knickers



High and Dry




Can you find the skull?

Eagle’s nest

This kid’s store was gutted by fire in 1966. As you’ll see from the inside, nothing had been touched in the 44 years since. Creepy wasn’t the word for this place..




All of the clothes were still in their packages

Unheeded warning



Hanging Out

Furniture Store


Main Street – Shoshoni, SD

They tried to cover the abandoned storefronts with murals 34 years ago

Sole survivors



  1. Crazy, was this all SD? Did you see any of the booming oil and natural gas towns springing up? Funny how one areas withers while another rises up.

    Comment by Nick — August 11, 2012 @ 3:05 pm

  2. This was scattered throughout, some were in Wyoming and some were in SD. The booming towns are all the way up north towards the Canadian border. There were some grasshoppers here and there but it was clear that most of these folks were still dependent on ranching and farming.

    Comment by wally426 — August 13, 2012 @ 12:11 pm

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