National Parks of Big Sky Country – August 3_5, 2012

Little Bighorn Battle site – Montana. The US soldiers, lead by General George Armstrong Custer, underestimated the size of the Native American army and were routed. The markers were literally headstones, marking each site where the soldiers’ bodies were found months later.



Entering Yellowstone’s Fringe..


These Golden-Mantled Ground Squirrels were the most curious wild creatures I’d ever seen

Shoshone Wilderness

Long way down

Beartooth Pass – Shoshone National Wilderness





Hidden Falls

Cook City Store – In business since 1886

Ya herd?

Around the bend – Lamar Valley



The Road Crew – West Yellowstone

Bird on a Barb

Fire Hole Formation

Firehole Falls


Prime Ordeal

Prime Evil


Take Heat..

Black Sand Basin

These green tendrils loved growing in the warm waters of the black tar basin



Flocking Pelicans

Most Faithful Geyser

Lewis Lake

Driving Out Of Yellowstone

Jackson Lake – Grand Teton National Park



Hell’s Half Acre – South Dakota


Mt. Rushmore

Dead Prez 

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