August 10, 2012

Road Warriors – August 2_7, 2012

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We covered over 2,500 miles over 5 days during our trip out to big sky country



Far Arains

Enchanted Highway – ND




Glendive, Montana

Freight Ride

I Look like a hay bale, right??

Old RR Trestle – MT

Closer to Home


Road warrior Frank can be seen in the landscape


Deer would just graze on the lawns, they were totally fearless


Small Town Notes – Glendive, MT

Moonscape – MT

Easy ride

Off-Roading in the Tetons

We’d had a huge bonfire the night before and threw a bottle into the coals. It was still showing love the next morning

Rusticles – Shoshoni, SD


Note Road Warrior Frank in the background

Bike Week – Sturgis, SD


Because of all the open space, wind farms were prevalent

Road Mirage

St. Paul

Mickey’s Diner was transported via rail line from Jersey back in the 60’s..

What my father would call a “Greasy Spoon Joint”..

St. Paul’s Cathedral


View from the hill



Local venue

This jail was under renovation, it looked like it’s guts had been spilled from the side..

Not sure if this junkie had attended the nearby music school, but he was an excellent pianist. It was sad to watch such wasted talent..


A real fake…

Shadow Walk

The pirate exhibition at the Minneapolis Natural History Museum featured the recovered wreck of the pirate ship Wydah. The ship was being used to transport slaves from West Africa to the Caribbean in the early 18th century. Hundreds of pieces of eight were found with the wreck of the 295 year old wreck, booty from all of the unfortunate vessels that were victimized by the pirates aboard the ship


This guy was purchased during the mummy craze of the 1920s after Tut was found. Mummies were dug up by grave robbers, stripped of their jewels and sold in the local markets to tourists. Amazing to imagine that on a visit to Egypt, one could buy mummified remains and ship them back home to display..

Iron Snake

Friendly Skies

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