May 17, 2013

Savannah / Tybee Island, Georgia > May 9_10, 2013

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Downtown SavannahImage


Roof with a viewImage


Some of the tallest buildings downtown were the churchesImage


Talmadge Memorial Bridge – Built in 1990Image







Public WorksImage


The Bird GirlImage



Supposedly, these nasty little creatures called chiggers live in the Spanish moss, they get into your skin and eat you from the inside outImage




Life finds a wayImage


Sunset – Tybee IslandImage




Rose-colored glassesImage








Fort Pulaski – Built in 1829, it was named after a Polish soldier who fought under George Washington during the revolutionary war. During the civil war, the confederates used the fort as a garrison to protect the Port of Savannah from being taken by Union forces. In July of 1862, after only 30 hours of shelling, the Confederates surrendered the fort. This remained the only action the fort has ever seen in it’s 184 year historyImage


At the readyImage


The flag only had 32 stars on it, representative of the 32 union states at the time the civil war endedImage




One of the coolest parts of the visit was the live musket demonstrationImage








The battery – where all the ammo was storedImage


Graffiti from the Union troopsImage


At the readyImage


The first known picture of baseball being played in combat was taken in front of the far wallImage




Making dueImage




Brickiti – Written by 19 year old John Charters, a Union soldier stationed at the fortImage




The catacombs – notice the mortar was made from shells in the bayImage






Boogie ChillenImage


Mud crittersImage




What would a trip to Tybee be without Bingo! at the Foreign Legion??Image



Through the treesImage



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