February 15, 2016

Kinsale, Cork, Ireland; 12 February, 2016

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Of all the forts I’ve visited, Charles Fort was one of the most interesting. Originally built in the late 17th century, the fort was an important bastion of defense for the British troops who held it until it was relinquished to the Irish in 1921. All throughout the fort, you could see mazes of asymmetrical walls and tunnels meant to confuse and trap the enemy should the walls ever be breached.    

The fort looks out to Old Head, where the Lusitania sank 100 years earlier after being torpedoed by a German U-Boat. Of the 1,962 passengers and crew aboard Lusitania at the time of the sinking, 1,191 lost their lives.


Murder on their minds  
The fort was burned by anti-treaty Irish during the civil war of 1922 and fell out of use


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