February 15, 2016

Carrigaline / Curraghbinny Woods, Cork Ireland; 6 – 11 February, 2016

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The gently sloping hills and lush countryside around the small village of Carrigaline are a treat for the eyes. Even between healthy doses of sideways rain drops, you get a sense of peace looking out onto the vast green expanse of this place.

Ballea Castle –  Originally built in the mid 16th century, the house fell into disrepair and was restored by the Hodder family in the 1800s. Legend has it that one of the Hodder daughters fell in love with a local farmer’s son. Her father was furious, wanting her to marry a man of his choice. During an argument with her father, the daughter’s horse was spooked and jumped over the edge of a cliff, with both daughter and horse falling to their deaths. A White Horse was painted on the cliff to mark the tragedy. Locals believe that if the horse were ever to turn green with mold, something terrible will befall the surrounding town. It’s been kept pristine since. 

This dog didn’t want its owners to leave and chased them all the way down the road







Fully Stocked


It really is amazing how green Ireland is. Everywhere you go stones and hillsides are consumed by vegetation






Fountainstown Beach






Take me home


Most signs have both English and Irish on them




Don’t mess with this guy


Snake Flats





No place is complete without one






Every so often you’d come across a ruin. This was once the mayor of Cork’s home. Through the years family members either died off or were put in homes, leaving the house and surrounding barns in a state of decay. Of course it was right up my alley.



Mold Friend




Local delinquents had long since stripped the fireplace of any valuable materials






Lone Protector









Curraghbinny Woods


Pinal Vortex




You could see the town of Crosshaven from the trails


Taking himself for a walk


New through the old



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