August 15, 2017

County Limerick / Kerry / Dublin, Ireland – 7th – 12th, August, 2017

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Castleconnell, Limerick

Popsicle Hooligan

Vortex 5



Puck Fair – Killorglin
Each year in August the residents of this town go into the mountains and capture a wild goat. It’s crowned as king and celebrated all weekend. It is meant as a slap to the English monarchy as the goat is the only one who can be crowned in the republic



Vortex 6



“The Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican” – Monsignor O’Flaherty helped over 6,500 Jews and allied soldiers evade capture and (most likely) execution by the Nazis during  WWII.

Portmagee – one of the first towns on the Northern side of the Ring of Kerry

Nobody Home


Window Still

North towards Valentia Island


Roads with no end



Wild Atlantic Way


Go Mall


The Skellig Islands – Famous for the monks who lived on them centuries ago and the 600+ steps on Skellig Michael they carved into the stone. These monks survived on birds, fish and crops they grew from using bird manure. The release of Star Wars VII produced a huge boom in tourism for the islands after they were featured at the end of the movie.



Holy Well



Farmers have certain ways of ensuring which sheep have been impregnated. The rams are painted with a dye that will rub off on a sheep if they get down to business.

Back in the Sh!tty



Doors of Dublin







Private eye


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