March 9, 2018

County Cork, Ireland; Dec 24-30, 2017

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Middleton Signage


One of the many things I love about Ireland are the visible layers of history in the architecture. So often we see structures whitewashed, demolished and stripped of their historical character, but not on the Emerald Isle. The Irish flaunt their past imperfections and make it their own style.

Parts of Ballymaloe House can be traced back to a Norman castle which was built back in 1450. Like many other estates, there have been many changes over the years (the last major additions came in 1820). It now serves as a guest house, restaurant, school and self-sustaining ecosystem. While walking the grounds of this magnificent estate, one can imagine what it would have been like centuries ago.


For life




Some of the original wallpaper (from when the current owners purchased the estate) in one of the upstairs studies

The annual New Year’s day Fox Hunt – No foxes were harmed during the making…






Walled gardens





The sea that day was raging..




Ballycotton Lighthouse


Cork City




Hills of CC

The Crawford Art Gallery




Window Dressing

Knocking Boots



English Market

Portrait of a Turning Bus




River Lee


Saw this on a wall inside an abandoned house


Rollin with the homies


Four-Faced Liar




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